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MEGSL Celebrates Pi

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Pi Day Resources


A collection of pi facts, activities, and resources. The collection has been divided into two sections to speed download time and is in Microsoft Word format.

Download our Pi Day Activities Booklet

General Pi

  1. A Common Book of Pi—
  2. Slashdot Pi Day—
  3. Pi World—
  4. Joy of Pi—
  5. Pi (1998)—
  6. Pi Unleashed—

Sierpinski and Einstein (Birthdays on Pi Day)

  1. Sierpinski Gasket—
  2. Einstein—
  3. Chaos Game—
  4. The Magic Sierpinski Triangle—

Historical Pi

  1. Willam Jones—first use of Pi as math symbol (1706)—
  2. Carl Lindemann—
  3. The MacTutor History of Mathematics (Scotland)—
  4. A History of Pi—

School Activities

  1. Annual Pi Day Contest (NCMTA)—
  2. Pi Day Activities (Excellent Elementary through High School Activities)—
  3. Middle School Pi Day—
  4. Pi Day Assembly—
  5. Teacher’s Corner National Pi Day—
  6. Teacher2Teacher—
  7. Misadventures of Sailor Pi (very cute)—
  8. Pi Trivia Game (quizzes on Pi history)—
  9. Pi Programs TI-83—
  10. Archimedes’ Method for Pi—
  11. Buffon’s Needles Lab—
  12. Buffon’s Needle Problem—
  13. Compte de Buffon—
  14. Buffon’s Needle Problem—
  15. The Theorem of Barbier—
  16. Pi and the Fibonacci Numbers-
  17. The Pi Function, pi(x) (The Prime Number Theorem)—

Advanced Pi

  1. Calculating Pi using Calculus—
  2. Pi: A 2000-Year Search Changes Direction (Mathematica used for Digit Extraction)—

Happy Pi Day Cards

  1. Pi Day Greeting Cards (select “Events Calendar”; several popup ads on this site)—

Pi Day Attire

  1. Pi T-shirts—
  2. “Cow Pi” T-shirts (What on Earth  1-800-945-2552)—
  3. Pi Cologne from Givenchy—

Fine Arts Pi

  1. Happy Pi Day Songs—
  2. Pi the Movie (clips, sound track, related genre)—
  3. Math in the Movie—
  4. Pi Poems—
  5. Earth Mysteries (The Mountains of Pi)—
  6. Sliding Pi (mosaic tile hues in Toronto subway station based on pi)—
  7. A Song about Pi and That's Mathematics (to the tone of That’s Entertainment) by Irving Kaplansky—

Digits of Pi and Searches

  1. Pi to Million Digits—
  2. Pi Club (How many digits of Pi do you know?)—
  3. Find Your Birth Date in Pi—
  4. The Search for Intelligence in Pi—
  5. The Incredible Pi Code (Ivars Peterson’s MathTrek)—
  6. A Passion for Pi (mnemonic devices to remembering the digits of pi)—

Pi Books and Videos

  1. Pi Videos—The Story of Pi and The Early History of Mathematics ($34.90 with workbook). For a detailed description, go to Order by calling 1-800-514-2665 or from (select video & mixed media).
  2. Pi Books (History of Pi, The Joy of Pi,Pi: A Source Book, Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi)
  3. Pi: A Source Book by Lenhart Berggren, Jonathan Borwein and Peter Borwein, 2nd ed., 1997, Springer, 736 pp., ISBN 0-387-98946-3.  This book is a collection of articles following pi from the early days of mathematics to the present.  This is a book for every high school library (IMC).—
  4. Elementary and middle schoolers will enjoy Sir Cumference and the First Round Table by Cindy Neuschwander, Charlesbridge Publications.  Also Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi.— 
  5. Journey Through Genius by William Dunham, and A History of the Circle by Ernest Zebrowski are appropriate for high school.—